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Hello all,

Thank you for your interests in my products.

When I first came across Macrame,

the strange terms and complex explanations felt so difficult.

I searched for videos and bought books to read about it,

but it was hard to find somewhere that would properly explain for beginners.

So, after making it myself,

I thought about how one would approach Macrame as a beginner.

I continued researching, composed kits myself and created videos.

I know some of you might want a written instruction.

But once you watch the video tutorials, it is much easier and no wasting time to figure out what it means(sometimes wrtten instruction makes you more confused.)

We will always be a Me2You Atelier that listens to customers with an open mind and develops.

If you share your work with us,

it will make us feel rewarded and happy.

Please tag Me2youatelier on Instagram.

We hope that our products have been a little help in making your day happy.

We will meet you with various DIY KIT products and craft supplies.

And if you have any questions or anything you don’t understand,

or any suggestions for us to improve,

please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thank you again for purchasing.


Founder Kei Lee

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